Far From the Madding Crowd: Level 4 (+ 2CD) Thomas Hardy

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Having just finished reading Infinite Jest I was looking for something that had absolutely nothing to do with tennis, drugs, or terrorists in wheelchairs. Be gracious and give up a little to me. Bathsheba is haughty and creates her own set of madding problems by sending a Valentine to the shy, very strange William Boldwood, after turning d A Snake, a Fruitcake and a Beefcake with Heartache Sgt. If she had chosen the best man out of the three we would have ended up with a short story of nonevent. She simply observed herself as a fair product of Nature in the feminine kind, her thoughts seeming to glide into far-off though likely dramas in which men would play a part—vistas of probable triumphs—the smiles being of a phase suggesting that hearts were imagined as lost and won. The author is the second reason this was such a strange story. Thank you for your feedback. She turned her head to learn if the waggoner were coming. It was a difference concerning twopence between the persons with the waggon and the man at the toll-bar.